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Grovety AI Key with Voice PIN Code


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Grovety AI Key with Voice PIN Code

The Grovety AI Key with Voice PIN Code introduces an innovative solution for secure access control. Activated with the correct input of a voice PIN code previously set by the user, this advanced electronic switch ensures only authorized access, offering peace of mind in various scenarios.

Use Case

Experience automated entry management with the Grovety AI Key:

  • Smart Home Control: Easily regulate access to lighting, fans, and HVAC systems by simply speaking your PIN code.
  • Car Access: Enable voice activation for starting the engine, adding an extra layer of security.
  • Office Premises: Restrict access within office spaces, enhancing security protocols.
  • Personal Lockers: Enjoy secure access without physical keys, ensuring convenience and safety.

Key Features

Empower your security with these key features:

  • Voice PIN Code Setting: Set your unique voice PIN code for secure authentication.
  • Voice Command Capability: Utilize keyword recognition and affirmative responses to confirm actions seamlessly.

Advanced Electronic Switch for Voice PIN Code Activation

Recognition Mode

The Grovety AI Key operates in recognition mode, authenticating access upon hearing the user's unique PIN code. After verification, it intelligently activates the desired action, such as unlocking doors, before transitioning into sleep mode for enhanced efficiency.


Training Mode

For initial setup or post-reset, the device enters training mode. Simply power up the device, follow the prompts to set your voice PIN code, and confirm with a positive response. The Grovety AI Key is then ready to recognize and authenticate your voice for future access.

Upgrade your access control with the Grovety AI Key with Voice PIN Code. Experience convenience, security, and peace of mind in every interaction.

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