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Brilliant Electro System Pvt Ltd is a supplier of Innosent products in India.

For InnoSenT, research and development take centre stage and are firmly anchored within the company. We are investing in the progress of technology and the development of know-how in a sustainable and conscious manner. In addition to the development of innovative products for the industrial and automotive sectors, we are also dedicating our efforts to basic and applied research on radar technology.

The technological shift is opening up more and more possibilities for applications in the field of radar sensors. We are testing the limits of radar technology in our research activities and daring to introduce new fields of application. Our developers are committed to developing future technologies and are thus making a critical contribution driving forward progress. By continuously expanding its knowledge, our company enjoys a leading role in innovation, thus reinforcing our competitiveness. In the development process of our sensors and systems, we are incorporating findings from the latest technological developments and processes (e.g. in chip technology), practical applications, current trends, and innovations in components and production. This enables us to get the best out of technology for our customers.

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