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Electrum AV

Brilliant Electro System Pvt Ltd is an Authorized distributor of Electrum AV, for India.

Electrum AV, CJSC is an enterprise that specializes in the development and production of semiconductor devices of modular build power electronics, control devices and integrated systems of power electronics for use in industrial and military uses.

The power modules – this is transistor, thyristor, thyristor-diode and diode modules. The diode modules, depending on the type of used diodes, can be based on fast-recovery diodes, Schottky diodes or rectifying diodes; the last one is installed in pair with thyristors. The transistor diodes are also divided by type of the used transistor: either MOSFET-transistors, or IGBT-transistors. The first ones are intended to operate in rectifiers with peak voltage up to 200 V, the second ones – from 600 V to 6500 V.

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