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BellnixCo. Ltd

Established in 1978, our company has been designing, developing, manufacturing, and marketing industrial DC power supply units applying a switching regulator at the high-frequency wave, high accuracy and high‐voltage DC power supply units, DC‐DC converters, analog/digital hybrid ICs, and microcomputer application products.
Further, we will, in order to accommodate the needs for electronic devices which have been downsized and diversified in recent years, propose a new solution with the keywords of the wireless charging system, high efficient LLC circuit, DC power supply system, remote supervision as well as semi-custom and full-digital power supply.

Our Products Line Up

  • POL (Non-isolated Type DC-DC)
  • High Voltage Power Supply
  • AC-DC Switching Power Supply
  • Isolated Type DC-DC Converter
  • Custom Power Supply
  • Contactless Power Transfer Module

Brilliant Electro System Pvt Ltd is an Authorized distributor of BellnixCo. Ltd, for India.

Our unique technologies with a competitive advantage are high-frequency radiation, high voltage, high-speed switching, electricity and magnetism, AD/DA conversion, mixed analog-digital, low noise, insulation, and ultra-compact mounting.
Power supply products resulting from such technologies have been embraced by devices requiring high reliability including medical electronic devices, train control devices, disaster-preventing communication system devices, airborne electronic devices, and nuclear power control devices.

Products Products
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