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Morion Inc

Brilliant Electro System Pvt Ltd is a supplier of  Morion Inc products in India.

Morion, Inc. is well-known as a worldwide designer and manufacturer of quartz frequency control products (FCP) - quartz oscillators, filters and crystals dedicated for various applications such as telecommunications, navigation, test & measurement, digital broadcasting, search and rescue systems, radars, frequency synthesizers etc.

Since 1999 Morion is an ISO-9001 certified company being recertified in accordance with ISO-9001:2000 back in the year 2003 and in year 2010 with ISO-9001:2008. Precision quartz oscillators manufactured by Morion are certified for use in programs of The Russian Federal Space Agency. Thanks to highly qualified personnel, effectively operating quality control system and technology excellence Morion successfully supplies products not only in Russia and CIS, but also to the markets of the USA, Canada, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, Korea, China, Japan, Malaysia and many other countries.

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