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AMS 5105 Pressure Sensor


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The pressure sensors/switches in the AMS 5105 series combine a high-precision OEM pressure sensor with a programmable pressure switch in one package. AMS 5105 has one analog voltage output and two independent logic switching outputs. The analog voltage output is ratiometric to the supply voltage of 5 V. The switching outputs are software configurable as normally open, normally closed or in window mode; thresholds and hysteresis can be set individually. The pressure sensors/switches are calibrated and compensated for across a temperature range of -25 to +85°C.

AMS 5105 comes in a dual in-line package (DIP) for assembly on printed circuit boards (PCBs). The electrical connection is made via the DIP solder pins; pressure is connected via two vertical metal tubes. AMS 5105 is available for various applications and pressure ranges: differential (relative) devices in ranges from 0…5 mbar up to 0…7 bar, two absolute pressure variants for 0…1 bar and 0…2 bar and a barometric variant. Bidirectional differential devices are available in different ranges from -5…+5 mbar up to -1…+1 bar. Other pressure
ranges or customized modifications are available on request. 

AMS 5105 Pressure sensor


  • Combined pressure sensor and switch
  • Calibrated and temperature compensated
  • The analog voltage output of 0.5 to 4.5V (ratiometric)
  • Two programmable logic switching outputs of 0/5 V, configurable as normally open, normally close or in window mode
  • Threshold, hysteresis and delay can be set individually for each switching output
  • Differential/relative, bidirectional differential, absolute and barometric versions
  • High accuracy up to 0.5% at RT
  • Small overall error within a temperature range of -25 ... 85°C
  • Supply voltage range 4.75…5.25V
  • The high long term stability
  • Small DIP package
  • Ready to use
  • RoHS compliant 


  • Pressure measurement/control
  • Vacuum measurement/control
  • Process control
  • Gas flow
  • Fluid level measurement
  • Medical instrumentation
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

AMS 5105 Pressure sensor with one analog and two switching outputs 

Ultra low pressure

  • AMS 5105-0005-D
  • AMS 5105-0010-D
  • AMS 5105-0005-D-B
  • AMS 5105-0010-D-B

Low pressure

  • AMS 5105-0020-D
  • AMS 5105-0050-D
  • AMS 5105-0100-D
  • AMS 5105-0020-D-B
  • AMS 5105-0050-D-B
  • AMS 5105-0100-D-B

Standard pressure

  • AMS 5105-0200-D
  • AMS 5105-0350-D
  • AMS 5105-1000-D
  • AMS 5105-2000-D
  • AMS 5105-4000-D
  • AMS 5105-7000-D
  • AMS 5105-0200-D-B
  • AMS 5105-0350-D-B
  • AMS 5105-1000-D-B
  • AMS 5105-1000-A
  • AMS 5105-2000-A
  • AMS 5105-1200-B

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