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CR-160-BOX-R4 housing for eval board

The CR-160-BOX-R4 is an enamel painted die-cast aluminum housing intended for use with the CR-160-R8 evaluation test board. Holes have been positioned on the CR-160-BOX-R4 in locations associated with BNC connector positions (input and output) and power connector positions (+24V wall mount power supply) on the CR-160-R8 board. There is also a rectangular hole to gain access to the fine gain adjustment potentiometer, the piano-style gain and polarity switches on the CR-160-R8 board.


The CR-160-BOX-R4 has outer dimensions of 4.7 inches (width) x 3.7 inches (depth) x 1.2 inches (height).

The CR-160-R8 evaluation board and CR-200-X shaping amplifier modules are sold separately.

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