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CR-200-X shaper modules
Product Details

Name :- CR-200-X shaper modules

Part Number :- CR-200-X shaper modules

Product Features

Shaping amplifiers are used to transform the shape of the pulses produced by charge sensitive preamplifiers to make the pulses Gaussian-shaped (bell shaped), improve signal-to-noise, and provide gain for the signals. Similar to Cremat's line of charge sensitive preamplifiers, the CR-200 series are 8-pin single in-line package (SIP) epoxy-coated, single channel circuits less than 1 square inch in size. They come in eight different shaping times from 50ns to 8μs.


Cremat offers the CR-200 series of shaping amplifiers. They are available in eight different shaping times: 50ns, 100ns, 250ns, 500ns, 1μs, 2μs, 4μs, and 8μs. Each has a fixed gain. To achieve greater gains, a broadband amplification stage should be added between the charge sensitive preamplifier and the shaping amplifier. Cremat offers an evaluation board for the CR-200-X series amplifiers (CR-160-R8), which contains such a broadband amplifier. The combination of a CR-200-X series amplifier with the CR-160-R8 evaluation board creates a low noise shaping amplifier module complete with BNC connectors, variable gain and reversible polarity.

Part Descriptions

  • CR-200-50ns-R2.1
  • CR-200-100ns-R2.1
  • CR-200-250ns-R2.1
  • CR-200-500ns-R2.1
  • CR-200-1us-R2.1
  • CR-200-2us-R2.1
  • CR-200-4us-R2.1

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