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Charge Sensitive Preamplifiers
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Name :- Charge Sensitive Preamplifiers

Part Number :- CR-11X CSP Modules

Product Features

Charge Sensitive Preamplifier Modules


Cremat's charge sensitive preamplifiers (CSPs) can be used to read out pulse signals from radiation detectors as diverse as semiconductor radiation detectors (e.g. CdTe, CZT), scintillator-photodiode detectors, gas-based detectors such as ionization chambers and proportional counters, and photomultiplier tubes (PMTs).


Cremat offers four different charge sensitive preamplifier modules: CR-110, CR-111, CR-112, and the CR-113. These preamplifiers are all modules of the same size and are pin-for-pin compatible with each other. They differ from each other primarily by their gain, with the CR-110 having the highest gain (1.4 volts per picoCoulomb). The CR-111 gain is approximately a factor of 10 reduced (0.13 volts per picoCoulomb). The gain of the CR-112 is a further factor of 10 reduced (13 mV per picoCoulomb), and the least sensitive preamplifier is the CR-113 (1.3mV per picoCoulomb). The CR-112 and CR-113 may be suitable for use with detectors producing large signals such as PMTs or SiPMs.

Part Descriptions

  • CR-110-R2.1
  • CR-111-R2.1
  • CR-112-R2.1
  • CR-113-R2.1

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