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Grovety AI Key: Revolutionizing Access Control with Personalized Rhythmic Security

Grovety AI Key introduces a groundbreaking approach to access control, leveraging personalized rhythmic security to ensure secure activation. This innovative electronic switch responds only to the predefined rhythmic sequence set by the user, providing unparalleled security and ease of use.

Key Features:

  • Personalized Rhythm Configuration: Configure and recognize your unique rhythm pattern to activate the switch securely.

  • Voice Command Capability: Utilize voice commands with keyword recognition and affirmative confirmation for seamless action execution.

  • Minimal Hardware Requirements: Tailored for the ESP32-C3 chip, ensuring efficient performance with minimal hardware resources.

Use Cases:

  • Automated Entry Management: Manage access to smart home devices or office premises with ease by tapping a personalized beat to control various systems.

  • Access to Vehicles: Enable secure access to vehicles with a unique rhythm-based code for starting the engine.

  • Office Premises Security: Restrict unauthorized access within office premises without the need for physical keys or memorizing digital combinations.

  • Personal Lockers: Secure personal lockers using rhythmic activation, eliminating the hassle of traditional keys or digital codes.

Grovety AI Key: Revolutionizing Access Control with Personalized Rhythmic Security

Sleeping Mode:

Even in standby mode, the Grovety AI Key conserves energy while remaining alert for its wake-up call. Upon hearing its name, "Sheila," it activates for rhythm verification or training sessions.

Training Mode:

During initial setup or post-reset, the AI Key is ready to learn your unique rhythm. Simply confirm with a "YES" and set your beat for future verification, activating the device for active duty.

Recognition Mode:

Upon hearing the user's distinct rhythm pattern, the AI Key authenticates access before initiating the desired action, such as unlocking doors, followed by intelligent transition into sleep mode.

Demo Device:

Powered by the Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32C3, the Grovety AI Key boasts a compact design coupled with robust performance. With its 32-bit RISC-V chip, operating at speeds up to 160 MHz, and impressive memory specifications, it serves as the cornerstone of this innovative security solution. Its versatility enables seamless integration into any compatible hardware setup, ensuring effortless deployment and operation.

Experience the future of access control with Grovety AI Key — where security meets simplicity. Order yours today and unlock a new level of personalized security and convenience.

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