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High Voltage Chip Resistors HVC Series combine proprietary Fine Line Thick Film Technology and design to achieve a new level of high voltage ratings and stability in SMD chip resistors. Nicrom’s technology features a longer, high aspect ratio trace of lower resistivity film compared to traditional thick film chip resistors.


Compared to standard chip resistors Nicrom’s HVC Series provides unmatched performances and design efficiency resulting in lower voltage coefficients and temperature coefficients, lower noise, tighter tolerances, higher stability, higher resistance values and higher voltage ratings. Wire bondable gold terminations and custom configurations available.

  • High Voltage SMD Chip Resistors
  • High Voltage Resistors - Non Inductive
  • High Voltage Dividers
  • Power High Voltage Resistors - Non Inductive
  • Power High Voltage Dividers - Non Inductive
  • Ultra High Voltage Resistors - Non Inductive NEW
  • Power Resistors - Non Inductive NEW
  • Precision / Power Resistors
  • Standard Resistor Networks
  • Surge Resistors

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